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We are

a boutique agency with years of experience ​in graphic design and other services related ​to visual communication.

We give

a more personalised service to all our clients. ​Each project is a work of art and we create it ​with the same amount of passion, however ​big or small it may be.

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We believe that good ​ideas initiate from our ​senses and the ​amount of creativity ​that stems from our ​thoughts and feelings,

is limitless.


Brand Design

Delectat is the Latin term for the ​verbs "to delight" or "to charm." This ​brand is a representation of high-​quality cuisine crafted with care and ​influenced by enduring monastic ​customs.

The logo was created with the ​outline of a monastic vault, rotated ​90 degrees clockwise to shape the ​letter D. Within the monogram, a ​design resembling a twinkling spark ​is incorporated to signify delight.

To reinforce the brand's initial ​inspiration, the ultimate design was ​fashioned with a traditional stained ​glass effect, adding an extra touch ​of elegance.

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Brand Design

Kontrada originates from the ​Italian term for a meeting ​place. The logo concept drew ​inspiration from landmarks, ​meeting points, or local village ​squares.

This logo was created for two ​young entrepreneurs who are ​enthusiastic about wine and ​gourmet cuisine.

The monogram symbol features ​a pentagonal shape resembling ​a wine glass bowl, with two ​identical shapes merging to ​form the letter K in celebration.

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Brand Design Refresh

We were tasked with redesigning ​the brand identity of a well-known ​brand with a long-established ​history.

Our research led us to its parent ​organization, which consistently ​used an evolving symbol of ​Neptune, the Roman god of the ​sea, to represent its identity.

To establish this connection, we ​developed a minimal yet impactful ​line design showcasing the head ​and upper torso of Neptune.

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Zen to Go express

Brand Design

The brand identity design ​integrates the parent ​company's signature mark ​while focusing on ​distinguishing the segment ​associated with quick service ​and a variety of ready-to-eat ​food items.

The idea was to introduce a ​unique element inspired by a ​pair of chopsticks. This ​additional element was ​incorporated into the current ​word mark to convey a sense of ​motion, and a pop of color was ​introduced to give the identity a ​distinctive touch.

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La Maison Française

Brand Design

This logo was created for a chic ​local bakery/café/boutique with a ​French flair.

The logo features a representation of ​a traditional French provincial house, ​cleverly incorporating the specially ​designed initial letters of the ​establishment's name.

In a unique twist, a wheat stalk motif ​replaces the usual cypress tree, ​serving as a recognizable symbol for ​baked goods and establishing a link ​to its renowned parent brand – Le ​Grenier à Pain.

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We can.

We can design anything to ​make your brand stand out.

Each design is a unique creation ​and a true reflection of how you ​wish your project to look.

We have no set rules or ​boundaries as to how far you ​wish to proceed in any job

you require, and you are not ​committed to any package ​which does not suit your ​purpose.

We are able to provide a ​personal and easily accessible ​service.

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We do.

Our focus is to offer ​personal attention, ​irrelevant of how big or ​small a project may be.

If you have no idea where ​to start from, we give ​guidance for what you ​really need.

We keep in touch with you, ​every step of the design ​process, without any ​unnecessary delays.

We work with you, as far as ​you wish to go, until you ​find find your happy mark.

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We deliver.

We listen to your brief, ​evaluate your ​requirements, and the ​thought process begins, ​leading to initial drafts, ​sketches and visuals.

We show you creatives and ​personalised style scapes ​and mood boards to help ​you get a clear perspective ​of our vision for your ​project.

Once approved, we provide ​all the assets you need to ​make your dream venture a ​reality and a successful one.

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Let's make sense.

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