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We are

a boutique agency with years of experience in graphic design and other services related to visual communication.

We give

a more personalised service to all our clients. Each project is a work of art and we create it with the same amount of passion, however big or small it may be.

We believe that good ideas initiate from our senses and the amount of creativity

that results from our thoughts and feelings is limitless.


Brand Logo Design

Kontrada derives from the Italian origin “to meet/meeting place". The concept of the logo was inspired by the perimeters of a landmark, a meeting point or the local village square.

It was commissioned by a team of young entrepreneurs who share a passion of wine and fine foods, The symbol monogram consists of a pentagonal shape, designed to resemble the bowl of a wine glass, incorporating parts of another two identical shapes which clink together in celebration to form the letter K.

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Zen to Go Express

Brand Design

This brand identity design incorporates its parent's signature mark but aims to identify the section which represents a rapid service and collection of ready prepared food items.

The concept was to add and create a signature element inspired by a pair of chopsticks. This was applied to the already existing word mark in an effort to depict movement, while also providing a twist with using an accent colour to distinguish its identity.

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Rebrand Design

We were given the task to redesign ​the identity of an already well-​known brand with a long-​established history over the years.

Research led us to its parent ​organisation which always used an ​evolving symbol of the Roman god ​of the sea – Neptune – to represent ​its identity.

In order to make this identifiable ​connection, we created a minimal ​but strong line design featuring the ​head and upper torso of this god.

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La Maison Française

Brand Design

This logo was designed for a local ​French style bakery/café/boutique.

The logo symbol forms a typical ​French provincial house, using the ​uniquely designed initial letters of ​the title itself.

Instead of the typical cypress tree, ​a wheat stalk motif was fashioned ​to act as a distinct identifier for ​baked goods, and to create a ​connection to its well-established ​parent brand – Le Grenier à Pain.

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We can.

We can design anything to make your brand stand out.

Each design is a unique creation and a true reflection of how you wished your project to be.

We have no set rules or boundaries as to how far you wish to proceed in any job you require, and you are not committed to any package which does not suit your purpose.

We are able to provide a personal and easily accessible service.

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We do.

We listen to your brief, evaluate your requirements, and the thought process begins, leading to initial drafts, sketches and visuals.

We show you creatives and personalised style scapes to help you get a clear perspective of our vision for your project.

Once you approve, we provide all the assets you need to make your venture a successful one.

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We deliver.

Our focus is to offer personal attention, irrelevant of how big or small a project may be.

If you have no idea where to start from, we give guidance for what you really need.

We keep in touch with you, every step of the design process, without any unnecessary delays.

We work with you, as far as you wish to go, until you find find your happy mark.

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Let's make sense.

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